Strategy for a meaningful impact.

Ready to achieve what you want to achieve?

Business coach. Strategist. Mentor. Consultant. Advisor. Whatever you want to call me… just call me! 

I’m Kim Hill and I’ve been making businesses better and helping Kiwi and international business owners fly for more than 30 years. 

I’ve got the smarts – the tools and techniques mixed with clear language and common-sense advice to get you to where you want to get to easier and faster. 

Every business is different, but the Stratigi guiding principles are always the same; you get bespoke, tailored, and actionable business strategies built on integrity and purpose with you at the heart – without the fluff.

We’ll start with you and your ‘why’ and then take on the wider business. What do you really want from your business? What’s stopping you and your business win? Where are you missing out on your potential? We’ll come in with no preconceptions and give you all the good stuff you need to succeed.

If business is about people, then your business has to begin with you. I love working with clients underpinned by principles built on trust, honesty, and integrity. There’s that word again, integrity.

You’ve come to the right girl. If you’re up for business transformation and get the wins you deserve, then maybe it’s time to get some Stratigi?

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Stratigi – helping businesses focus

We provide smart, simple and successful business solutions to a broad client base. The Stratigi approach is tailored individually to your needs; nothing is too large or too small for us to transform.

Business Coaching

Bespoke coaching grounded in expertise and experience.

Strategic Consultation

Deep-dive analysis of a client’s business goals and objectives.

Māori Business Growth

Knowledge of the drivers and needs of Māori in business.

Marketing and Communications

Perfect your message and your strategy and get results, fast.

Customised Workshops

Customised and tailored to you and your specific business needs.

Motivational Speaking

Inspiring you to make a change and take action.

Working with Kim

"The most incredible mentor a young aspiring entrepreneur wahine Māori could ask for. Kim has mentored me since before I even launched my business and has had a huge influence on me and my Mahi. I feel so privileged and honoured to be under her wing!! Thank you Kim xx "

Stratigi Resources

Podcast with Kim

The Icehouse podcast Episode 20 of A Seat at the Table is with Kim Hill.

Kim unpacks the mountain top moments and deep valley challenges, her purpose to see Māori and Pakeha businesses succeed and her philosophy for meaningful impact.

  • The importance of backing yourself

  • Her passion for fostering entrepreneurship in Aotearoa

  • How Māori culture aligns with good business