Brand story 

Stratigi was born because I’m a serial entrepreneur at heart and recognised that everything you want or need to do, needs a strategy.  Right from the early days of charging whānau to view my ABBA performances, getting people around my kitchen table to help problem solve, setting up my first business in the 1980s to inspire and motivate people to take care of their physical health, or coaching and mentoring for business, I have always been about helping people and all these experiences have built equity in my business journey.  

I have remained tūturu, authentic, and committed to getting meaningful results and outcomes for clients and never compromising quality or integrity.

I believe that professional, personal, “strategy” takes you a long, long way. I always say I’m not unique in what I do, but I am unique in how I do it. There’s no label to it, the way I approach life and my clients is people-centred, values-based, genuine, and sincere. And that’s been my way from day dot. It’s my goal to get to the heart of things, to what makes you tick, what your target is, and how you can get there.  

I wanted the brand to reflect that – he hononga ki te taiao, a connection between nature and people, a holistic worldview built on whanaungatanga (relationships), tikanga, mātāpono (practices guided by values) and mātauranga (knowledge).

Whare Whakairo

The meeting house represents my pōwhiri to you, an invitation to join me, to wānanga, to journey and to collaborate. The two koru represents Stratigi and our clients driving forward, working together for success.


Symbolises new life, new growth, the unfurling silver fern in us all, potential ready to be unleashed. Stratigi brings education, empowerment, strength and peace with the energy and wairua to keep things constantly moving forward.


These are intricate panel weavings commonly found in wharenui.  The series of triangles (niho taniwha) mean sharp teeth with cutting edges working together, creating upward energy to a taumata – ascending to a focal point or summit. We share our stories for the growth, betterment and enlightenment of all, cutting to the chase. We encourage courageous conversations, getting stuff done, making a change! 

Ready to get started?

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