Know Your Numbers

It’s impossible to strategically plan for business growth if you don’t have a grip on the key numbers. Learn how to make sense of your finances, understand how they affect business health and then discover how to make them work even harder!

Build your financial literacy toolbox for a better business

How can you get the business moving in the right direction if you don’t know what’s coming in and going out? What’s your break even? What’s your pricing model? You’d be surprised how many owners don’t know the basics around P&L budget or cash flow forecasting, for example.

Get to grips with the financial basics and then you’re flying, because once you get those critical insights into your financial statements you can implement better business-wide practices and processes.

We’ll apply some financial literacy to your current situation with Tina, Stratigi’s amazing accountant. Then, let’s treasure hunt. I’ll work with you – and your new financial knowledge – to work on the high-level strategic planning you need. Two for the price of one.

We’ll triage quickly – there’s no time to waste because we all know time is money – we know where to find the critical numbers in your business. We’ll show them to you, and explain how they can stop holding you back and fast-forward health and growth.

We’ll work on your business goals and objectives and understand the important role finance plays in making sure your current practices are in alignment with what you want to achieve.

Then comes the cool bit, you can use your new number skills for long-term financial planning, forecasting, you name it, to make smarter strategic decisions. With your new-found skills we might even uncover some areas where you’re leaking cash or take advantage of hidden opportunities you didn’t know existed.

Ready to achieve what you want to achieve?

Helping make smarter, better-informed decisions to improve the health and efficiency of your business.

Ready to get started?

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