Kingi Snelgar – Barrister

Kingi Snelgar
Barrister, Bankside Chambers
Legal, Auckland

Kim: I’ve been working alongside Kingi since the end of 2021 as a Business Mentor through the Ngāi Tahu Puna Pakihi Programme. Throughout the process, working with Kingi has been an absolute pleasure. He’s a true professional and an intelligent man, and his passion for doing GREAT mahi in his sector shines through in everything he does. 

I really got under the hood on his aspirations and anchored that as we took the journey to capture his vision. We then embarked on an action plan and the steps needed to achieve that, so I was instrumental in supporting him to pitch himself to the right firm – establishing his “why” and “how” to uphold his confidence in the value that he brings to a firm – which is massive. I kept him accountable and supported him in capturing his aspirations in a business plan.

Kingi is very clear on where he wants to go, and our sessions were great because he was open to all ideas, took the advisory and mentoring in his stride, and made stuff happen.

Securing his new position at Bankside Chambers was huge, and while it’s great to be on the journey, you must keep moving, so we worked on the need for continuing to network and refining his digital footprint – to ensure he gets exposure to the right type of work to achieve those aspirations. 

As Kingi pitched himself and received interest from prestigious law firms, I helped him through the pros and cons of selection, acting as a sounding board to enable him to process and make good decisions about finding the firm which best matched his own aspirations.

I feel super confident when we have great people like Kingi in our legal system, bringing balance and authentic representation. Watch this space… because Kingi is a true leader and a change maker.

: I began working with Kim at the end of 2021. I was looking to make a big shift in the business and Kim was recommended to me for mentoring by Puna Pakihi [which supports Ngāi Tahu whānau in business].

I had been working on my own and growing the practice, but I was looking to diversify. I expanded to a larger office (Bankside Chambers in central Auckland) – a highly-regarded chambers – and Kim helped me navigate that. I was hesitant about making the move, but Kim was instrumental in making that shift, and it's definitely been the right call. I don't think I would have done that without that level of support.

I’ve never had a business mentor before and I regret not getting one earlier. From the beginning I saw the benefit of working with a coach who's so dedicated to helping you grow your business – and your own personal growth. Kim’s full of good advice, tips and skills.

We worked on a business plan, which was really important – helping me identify what it is I exactly wanted to do because I wasn't sure what areas I wanted to specialise in beyond criminal law. Also, I'm often head down, working on a case-by-case basis, and not really focused on the big picture. I’m a specialist, a lawyer, so that’s not something I'm good at that. 

Having someone of Kim’s calibre working on strategy, where I'm heading, diversification, bigger goals, things that may be of benefit to me, and giving me some really helpful tips on areas that I could build in, was invaluable. She even opened up her network, introducing me to people that come highly recommended.

I always look forward to our meetings. She will speak her mind and challenge your thinking about things, which I think is good, and question around ‘Have you thought about this?’ or ‘How is this going to benefit that goal?’.

Kim is highly encouraging, insightful, personable and positive, and so enthusiastic about what I stand for and about the things that I am interested in – Māori and the law, and she definitely delivered. 

I wanted to work with someone who had an insight into who I am and the values that I have. Her approach is very much the holistic Māori way, which is great for me, because I have a young whānau, I’m growing the business, and she understands how everything is connected to you and your whānau. She’s also very mindful and helpful, and approaches everything with a Māori perspective because she’s so experienced in that area. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kim to others. She’s dedicated, wants you to succeed and is so helpful during the time that you have with her. I have since recommended people in my network to Kim since my experience – that’s how highly I regard her, and just to show that I think she’s great. The energy she brings and the ability to relate to Māori is priceless.