Hunker down, sure. But don’t hibernate your purpose

Kia Ora,

Well, we’ve certainly had a fair taste of winter haven’t we? Winter is great for hibernating, hunkering down and appreciating all your creature comforts. Does anyone really complain about sitting around a fire with the lights dimmed, snuggling up to your significant other or mokopuna? 

But… but… but… when I started out as a business owner (more than a few spring tides ago!) I was given such a cool piece of advice. Never waste a winter! 

Why? It’s a golden time to revisit our priorities and goals and set a future we like the look of, so that when the cherry blossom says “hello” and the clocks spring forward this September (which isn’t far away!), you’ll be focused, refreshed, and ready to kick it! 

Summer business heads are made in the winter! Have a think. What can you do over the next few weeks to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running and finish the year strong? ‘Finish the year’. Sounds good, doesn’t it!

It's easy to complain about the rain, but let’s not forget how the earth is refreshing in these moments. Have you seen the news videos from Europe lately?! Let’s appreciate the filling of our water tanks and the flourishing of the kai that naturally meets the needs of our bodies to function. 

Right… let’s keep it real and now ask, ‘how are you really?’ Pause for a moment.

From what I am seeing, there is a real need to have some grit and plenty of agility (in business and life). 

There’s a lot going on in Aotearoa and the rest of the world right now and plenty to be concerned about. It’s critical we keep our light burning brightly. The days will get longer and our energy and intention will sky rocket very soon. I promise you that!

Be sure to tune in to your aspirations and remember your purpose and why. That’s what gets us through the tough times and brings clarity when you’re wondering what this is all for. 

If there is one great truism I’d like to impart, it’s that ‘Change is inevitable, Growth is optional.’ Need some now advice on how to make that happen? Please get in touch. I can help you!

Need something today? Take three minutes to do the following – it will really add some value to your day.

What hasn’t been working that you’re going to STOP?

What is something that you think would work better that you will START?

What has been working so well that you’re going to CONTINUE with?

Washing up, three-year plan, setting up next week’s meetings? Try it. You’ll like it!

And please take the time to look out the window. Wet and miserable? Sure, but look again. What’s not to like? We know the magical power of physical activity and what it does for your wellbeing body and soul. It produces the feel-good hormones and gives you a buzz. Whether it’s five minutes or one hour, breath in that wonderful fresh air of ours, cross-fit, gym, yoga, a good walk in nature or even dancing like no one is watching. Whatever ticks your box and does the trick, just do it!

Before I sign-off, a quick word about wonderful women. I was so sad to hear of Olivia Newton-John passing. She is such a huge part of my memories, having watched Grease well over 40 times! I just loved her, bless her and all her goodness.

Did you catch the MWDI awards (Māori Business Women Awards) in late July, which celebrates and recognises wāhine Māori in business? It was a GREAT night and a true celebration of Māori Pakihi. 

I felt hugely honoured to be surrounded by such amazing people – many of whom I get to work with every day. To see four, yes, FOUR, of my clients win awards was humbling and empowering in equal measure. I was so thrilled and okay, I’ll admit it, felt like a super-proud Aunt! Loved it. A huge congratulations to all my amazing clients, and every winner and nominee. You rock! 

We also had a fantastic night at the Soda RISE UP pitch night in Hamilton in August, attended by around 250 people, including Stuart Nash, Minister of Economic Development. RISE UP invests in globally ambitious female founders and I was thrilled to host some key people on one of the tables! Congratulations to all six finalists, who all pitched fantastically well.

It’s so inspiring to see impressive women in business achieving great things on the world stage. What a powerhouse we are.

And just for good measure, I popped into The Icehouse’s 21st birthday party in Auckland in mid-August, to catch up with friends old and new. What a night! A great organisation doing incredible work for SMEs.

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Aotearoa!

Hopelessly Devoted To You…