Embracing the F word in 2022...

Embracing the F word in 2022...

Noooooo, not that one... My power word for now and the next twelve months is... “FOCUS”!

As businesses, entrepreneurs, leaders, and yes, humans, we have had to adapt, pivot, remain agile, navigate through the ‘new normal'. Honestly, did any of us use any of those words two years ago? Now they live at the front of all my convos with business owners and their teams. 

But hold tight! The holiday season is nearly here and we will get to share in some downtime. Whatever shape that downtime looks to you, I encourage all of us to take the opportunity to reflect on all the goodness we have in our lives and to make the most of the much-needed and important break that’s just around the corner.

I always tell my clients not to wait until Christmas to start doing all the things you love. Do them NOW. Take a power walk, feel the sand under your feet, have a swim, jump on the boat. Eat well and please try to get some high-quality sleep.
We’ve got some precious time to enjoy the break and recharge because that’s when the magic happens. We must close our tabs in our head, as slowing down to speed up is when all the ideas, creativity, zest for your business and life returns. You’ll find your brain will start decluttering and amazing things happen. Things suddenly look... clearer!
So take in some of that summer sun (don’t forget to lotion-up, sun worshippers!) and drink from the glass of Kiwi goodness – mine will be wine-glass-shaped!
Change is inevitable, but growth is optional, so grab change as something worth taking in 2022. I want you to start the New Year on point. Be brave. Plant seeds! Water them, talk to them and pat them gently around your head without putting any pressure on yourself. Okay, you might get some funny looks, but it will be worth it.

You’ll find that come January you’ll be refreshed and revitalised and FOCUSED! If you don’t know what your focus looks like, how to get it or how to keep it, don’t fret. Let’s have a catch-up in the New Year. Focus is transformative and does amazing things to your mindset, attitude, behaviours and the business, too.

Going to throw another F word into the mix before I sign-off. Freedom. On 15 December Aucklanders who have been vaccinated or tested will be able to reconnect with the rest of New Zealand in time for Christmas and summer. 
It’s been beyond rough for businesses in the city of sails and we all say “welcome back”! You can hear the sigh of relief from here in the Waikato but there’s a long way to go. 

Focus. Freedom. They’re pretty cool F words.  Next year is going to be fantastic! There’s another! Happy holidays. Be kind to others, be kind to yourself and take care.

Kia kaha,
kia maia,
kia manawanui.
Meri Kirihimete!

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