Mānawatia a Matariki

Part two.

I hope you made the most of the long weekend by gathering for feasting and storytelling, strengthening bonds, and passing on traditions. 

You know I love the summer months, but winter brings its own goodness, like snuggling up with loved ones around a fire! There's something mesmerizing about watching flames dance and hearing the crackling of wood. This ambiance encourages introspection and contemplation. The quiet moments around a fire allow you to slow down, reflect on your thoughts and feelings, and gain perspective – a beautiful launchpad into the second half of the year to finish strong. 

I said in a recent blog I’d pitch some tips on building good habits personally and professionally and give some practical business advice to support you.

Focus on the things that you CAN do in these cold, wet months – focus on the positive. Winter can be a time for rest and renewal and while the shorter days and colder weather often encourage people to slow down, try spending more time indoors with loved ones, and focus on activities that promote relaxation and reflection to supercharge mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Three winter tips:

  1. Use this time for planning and preparation. Get all those things done that get pushed to the side on the busier days. As soon as we get longer days in the summer months, we are really good at filling them up doing stuff, so why not winter?

  2. Take 15 minutes at the top of the day to set your priorities and don’t forget to eat the frog! Tackle the tedious and difficult tasks first before doing the ones you enjoy.

  3. Close your device for one hour a day to get sh*t done! Have a walking meeting, use a pen and paper for notetaking and list-making. Going old school is kinder on the eyes and many people find it enhances memory and comprehension.

Fill up your winter cup because every season is an opportunity. Winter can be an amazing time for your businesses – a natural and strategic “pause” (never one of stagnation) to take stock and get set. And when the warmer days come, you and your business will be in great shape to spring into action.

E hika mā, mānawatia a Matariki (Lets celebrate Matariki)