Eating frogs and clearing fog

Kia ora,

This month I’ve mostly been consuming amphibians. OK, let’s clear that up.

“Eat the frog” was coined by motivational speaker Brian Tracy and means dealing with difficult and tedious tasks before doing the ones you’d like to do. And it works!

Maybe it’s the time of year. I’m seeing people feeling a bit messy, too many tabs open, struggling to find order. For many, the clocks going back is like a bell of doom, and while it’s tough out there, we can’t let this derail us from the grand plan and why we get up each day.

Reasons to be cheerful:

  • Autumn is awesome! We live in a beautiful country where each season gives us immeasurable gifts from nature

  • It’s a new financial year! Well done, you, for getting your numbers in shape! 

  • Two public holiday's coming up soon. Including Matariki!

Three ways to reframe your thinking and clear some fog:

  • Planning your workday is the best DNA. Eat the frog. Each day, do the stuff you’re not looking forward to first. Then call half-time. Take a midday walk. Get lunch out. Call a friend!

  • Break down tasks into smaller chunks. This approach makes daunting tasks more approachable and helps maintain momentum. 

  • Your mind is your power tool. Choose your attitude. Choose productivity. You KNOW how good you feel when you get stuff done. Leap into your tasks. YOU WILL feel amazing by the end of the day!

 Start by tackling your most challenging task today. You've got this!