Unleash Your Summer Vibes! Sizzle, Chill, and Thrive!

Well, here we are whānau! Nearly at the end of 2023! What a ride! This last quarter has been filled with traveling all around the motu, making the Māori Women’s Development business awards – where I was proud to see several of my clients as nominees/winners– and just last weekend the beautiful wedding of one of my three sons. So I’ve been surrounded by love, laughter, and moko cuddles and giggles.  

I also had a rebrand. Head to stratigi.com to check out the new look, some great case studies and find me on the usual socials.  On my YouTube channel, you’ll find some little pearls of business wisdom from yours truly.

As we take stock of the year gone by and begin to prepare ourselves for what's to come, ask yourself "What has served you well this year?", ‘What have I done well?”, “What are you happy to leave in the past?" Be kind to yourself. When you’re kind, you’re thinking clearly and that lets in objectivity.

Then be intentional around shaping how you show up in 2024 – putting your best foot forward in your mahi and your relationships with whānau and friends. It's as simple as telling yourself to keep doing what works and work on refining or reshaping your expectations on what doesn't. I know, it sounds simple but it's not always easy, but it is always worth the commitment to yourself and your business.

While we might be winding down the year, with change afoot due to the change in government, it doesn't mean that on our break we switch off completely (unless that's what you really need and then of course, give yourself the permission to do so). You may want to use the white space (declutter your mind to let the good ideas in!) of holidays to be thinking about strengthening your brand, or diversifying your service offering so you show up in 2024 rearing to go.

But Kim, I hear you ask, ‘How can I declutter so the good stuff can march right on through?’ Business discipline matters more and more in today’s climate, but you need some rest. So use the holiday break to slow down to speed up for 2024. First day back. Take it easy. Catch up on emails, catch up on others, catch up on a one-hour lunch. Treat it like a warm up.

End of the first week. Take a day with your team to redefine your purpose, values and goals for the year ahead. It’s a great way to bring everyone together and focus on what’s important over the next 12 months.

You’ll discover you’ll be able to move fast to execute quicker, be more flexible to adjust to change. You might suddenly feel the need to go bold tactically! When you begin at a steady strategic pace, you’ll soon start going faster.

Regular readers will know I’m a fully paid-up member of the 5am club! Early morning power walks and the gym are my worst (or best!) addictions. Can’t deny it, a healthy body is a healthy mind. 

Here’s my gift to you. Your wellbeing advent calendar for the five mornings up to Christmas…

  • Unplug from technology. Try ‘losing’ the phone for just one hour a day!

  • Go outdoors and take your shoes off! Feel the grass and the sand beneath your toes!

  • Find a podcast series on a subject you like. If you listen while doing the washing up, folding up the ironing (or hiding the ironing), or cooking, it’s not a chore!

  • Seek out one of your top ten favourite tunes and DANCE. Yes, dance. Pull the curtains if you’re a bit shy!

  • Each morning, open the back door and take five big exhalations. Just for one minute.

Good, isn’t it? Please try it once or twice. And wow, our Kiwi summer mornings. It really is the best time of day. Now try it all over again for the five days after New Year’s Day! Try to pair up a couple and play with combining these activities. Suddenly you’re doing a lot without compromising on work time. 

Always here for you! As a business owner, founder and entrepreneur life can be lonely, so be sure to get a coach or mentor to have your own personal cheerleader in 2024. Not sure where to begin. Korero and coffee with me. Anytime. 

Happy Christmas! And a rocking New Year!