Matariki 2023: The Making of Stars


Chilly days are here, but how gorgeous has the sunshine been? Mother Nature is still dealing out some tough times to many Kiwis and my heart goes out to you all.
This is the time to rug up and get cosy. A bit restrictive for a summer bunny like me, but I’m embracing it because all the seasons serve a purpose. 

Despite the weather, I remain a member of the 5am club, a habit I have loved for many years. It ensures I start everyday right and at my best. Three of those days you will find me at the gym by 5.30am, and the other mornings power walking with the dog, listening to my podcast of the day. It sets my day up right. First page of the leadership handbook insists that good planning is the DNA of success. That’s how I set, and why I plan.

Winter allows us to slow down as a default. The hunkering down, the reflection, the pause, drawing on insights from upcoming Matariki, for example – like celebrating the present and looking to the future. 

Plenty of parallels to be drawn in your business world. We’re mid-way through the year, at an equilibrium, there’s a balance to be found, so take some time to ask yourself how you will stay on track and stay relevant over the next six months of 2023. 

I talk a lot with clients about energy in, versus energy out – how we weave it all in to stay on track and stay relevant. Where will you find your energy? And put it to best use, so you can perform at the level you crave,

Goal setting helps – your organic working document, reinforcing all those key mantras that you operate from. Set it. Meet it. Make it. Be your own star. 

New to the new year? I encourage everyone to head over to matariki.com and find out more. Wishing you a happy and healthy Te Rā Aro ki a Matariki, 2023. 

 Manawatia a Matariki